We offer a variety of levels on a variety of equipment each day, so check out our class schedule and let us know when you’d like to join!


New Client SPecialS

2 private lessons and 2 classes for $145

1 private lesson and 6 classes for $175

3 private lessons for $160

*New Client Specials will save you about 30% off our regular prices*


Put $300 down on account, and receive a 10% discount each time you attend!

We allow 2 last minute class cancellations per year without charge.  After 2, all cancellations made 24 hours or less before your class time will still be charged.

ADVANCED REFORMER                                                            $28

A challenging fast-paced class for the experienced Pilates student.  Exercises will move quickly and more difficult moves will be introduced.  Instructor approval is required to take this class.

Intermediate PILATES ALL EQUIPMENT                                  $28

This class is for people that have been taking Pilates for a while and focuses on moving quicker and working through more challenging exercises. The instructor will choose whether classes take place on the reformer, tower, or chair. Some classes will use more than 1 piece of equipment.

JUMPBOARD COMBO                                       $28

This class will use a combination of jumpboard for low impact cardio and mat and tower to increase core strength and flexibility. Great for the student looking to add some more variety and challenge to their Pilates practice.

PILATES ALL EQUIPMenT  $23(40 Minute Class)/$28(55 minute class)

A fun, fast-paced class using one or more pieces of Pilates equipment (Reformer, mat, tower, and chair) and props.  Instructor's choice. Suitable for all levels.

PILATES Tower                                                      $28

This class will focus on the Pilates tower. You will learn correct setup, transitions, and proper breath on the tower. This open level class is a great place to work on correcting muscle imbalances, learning to move your body in a healthy way.

PILATES/YOGA                                                          $28

Wake up with 30 minutes of Pilates All Equipment followed by 25 minutes of energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga for a great start to your day. Suitable for all levels.

TRX/Pilates                                                          $28

The TRX Pilates class beings with the fundamentals of Pilates. First, warming up the body through breath, proper alignment, and core support, we then explore different planes of movement using TRX suspension straps. Like Pilates, TRX exercises improve overall functional fitness, developing greater strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability, making them the perfect match. The second half of the class will be Pilates All Euipment. This class can be modified to any fitness level.