We offer a variety of levels on a variety of equipment each day, so check out our class schedule and let us know when you’d like to join!

New Client SPecialS

2 private lessons and 2 classes for $145

1 private lesson and 6 classes for $175

3 private lessons for $160

*New Client Specials will save you about 30% off our regular prices*


Put $300 down on account, and receive a 10% discount each time you attend!


55 minute class - $28

40 minute class - $23

25 minute class - $19

We allow 2 last minute class cancellations per year without charge.  After 2, all cancellations made 24 hours or less before your class time will still be charged.

Weight Training for Everybody                                          

This is an exciting combination of personal training, functional fitness, small group interaction, and motivation.  Working with a small group of others helps give you the support you need to stick with your workout and see great results.  Your workout will consist of 2-8 people in a session that is customized to help each of you reach your goals. Suitable for all levels        

Senior Strength and Balance

Strength training is a important part of healthy aging. Help promote strong bones and a healthy immune system all while counteracting the natural muscle loss and weight gain that occurs as we age. This class will leave you feeling great! Suitable for all levels.