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Proven results, 

infinite benefits.

At Pilates & Custom Fitness, we offer something for everyone — all ages and abilities, from the workout novice to the professional athlete. No matter where you find yourself on your wellness journey, our expert trainers support you with proven methodologies, an enthusiasm for fitness, and commitment to your success. 
Our specialties

Pilates (Reformer, Tower, Mat, Chair)  

Physical Fitness

Private Training

Small-Group Classes

Specialty Workshops

Sports Performance Training 

Senior Fitness   

Strength Conditioning   

Balance Training 

Post-Surgery Rehab   

Injury Rehab   

Chronic Pain Management    

Overall Wellness

Custom Wellness Workshops + Corporate Events

Does your company have a corporate wellness program, or would you like to create one for your team? We would love to help! Contact us to host a class at your location — or ours! We can offer on-site mat Pilates, yoga and fitness group classes at your location, or you can host your group at our high-end studio with our full range of equipment and facilities available to everyone who participates. 

Pricing and specials


  • 2 private lessons and 2 classes for $160

  • 1 private lesson and 6 classes for $195

  • 3 private lesson for $170

*A savings of about 30% off our regular prices.



Put $300 down & receive a 10% discount each time you attend!

Keep a credit card on file to be billed on the 1st of every month for visits the month prior and receive a 10% discount.


  • 90 minute class - $47

  • 55 minute class - $33

  • 40 minute class - $28

  • 25 minute class - $23


We allow 1 last-minute class cancellations per year without charge. After 1, all cancellations made 24 hours or less before your class time will be charged.

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Our classes
Teacher Traning

Have you though about becoming a Pilates Teacher?

Work with a Host Advisor and Graduate affiliated with The Pilates Center, Boulder CO, teaching teachers since 1990 and world renowned for our quality and high standards. Observe your Host Advisor as they teach clients, ask your questions in real time, and take lessons with them in traditional, classical Pilates. Gain valuable, applicable knowledge, be guided in your teaching, and supported through the entire process by a graduate of The Pilates Center’s Advanced or Bridge Teacher Training Programs.

Working with The Pilates Center and your TPC Host Advisor, Heather Epperly, supports you in countless ways throughout your Program. It assists you in the following requirements: observing an experienced TPC graduate teaching traditional, classical Pilates to all types of clients; getting answers to your questions; practice teaching with a Host Advisor guiding and fostering your technique and understanding; and taking lessons from them in the material you are learning online. All this together provides the essential information, skills and practice you need to make you a great Pilates teacher!

Traditional, classical Pilates transforms one’s life! Both yours and your clients’! Joseph Pilates’ teachings, passed down directly through his first generation teachers and his writings and films, are the foundation for The Pilates Center’s renowned Teacher Training Programs. Our thirty-year tested curriculum will assure you of a rich and comprehensive course of study; and aided by your TPC Host Advisor Heather Epperly, in/at Pilates and Custom Fitness, you will get the hands – on, real world
knowledge and experience necessary to become a great teacher, and to enjoy a
wonderful and satisfying professional career.

Join The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO and Host Advisor, Heather Epperly , in/at Pilates and Custom Fitness in our mission to heal the world through the amazing power of traditional, classical Pilates as taught by Joseph Pilates himself!

Upcoming Workshops: Explore and engage at our studio!

For more current offerings, visit our online schedule, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or call the studio!  

$165 for one workshop only or $295 for both workshops on 2/22 and 2/23.
Payment is due in full by February 15, 2024. No refunds after February 15, 2024.

Thursday February 22, 1-4p.m.; Asymmetrical Pelvis with Kelli Burkhalter

In this workshop we will explore structural and muscular imbalances in the pelvis and how these affect whole body movement. We will look at how the body compensates in the pelvis and ribcage and how this can lead to possible future knee and hip injuries. We will discover new ways to teach clients who have asymmetrical pelvic patterns, including scoliosis, learning how to address these imbalances to bring more awareness to clients so they can be more present and proactive with their own movement awareness.


Through understanding these powerful body forces and helping clients realign themselves, we can help prevent hip and knee damage, as well as enable them to heal more effectively after injury or surgery. We will look at different exercises on all apparatus to explore these imbalances.

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Friday,  February 23, 1-4p.m.; Pilates To Rescue Our Hands and Feet with Kaile Larson Ziemba

The organization of our hands and feet is tantamount to our whole body health. The connection of cognitive growth and agility to our hands and feet begins at birth and continues as we age. The hands and feet are a large part of our motor and sensory system that accomplish our many tasks each day and enhance our proprioception. Our hands and feet perform thousands of repetitions and walk thousands of steps each day. If they are not well organized we are set up for stress, strain and complaints in other parts of our bodies. Knees, hips, shoulders and necks are especially susceptible to pain and injuries if our hands and feet are imbalanced.


In this workshop we will explore the many ways Pilates can help! Hands and feet are always the contact points that connect to the equipment and begin each exercise. If our hands and feet are organized and balanced we receive more benefits from each Pilates exercise we do. We will look at how better organization at these contact points balances the muscles of the hands and feet and increases strength up the link system of the arms and legs. We will also learn some exercises specific to the hands and feet. Come prepared to move and to leave feeling returned to life.

Other Offerings

Here are examples of previous workshops we have held over the past few years. 

  • Prenatal Pilates — Pilates trainer (and pregnant!) Christina Castellano offered a Prenatal Pilates workshop. Because Pilates encourages the participant to focus on breathing, concentration, and core strength, it's a nearly ideal exercise choice for pregnant women. As pregnancy progresses, the internal environment of the woman’s body changes dramatically and results in the internal organs pressing up toward the chest, which may make breathing more difficult. Along with the importance of breathing, maintaining proper control of the pelvic floor muscles is fundamental to Pilates. These benefits may be more important during pregnancy, where well-conditioned muscles involved in the birthing process may result in quicker recovery, less medical intervention, and fewer complications with later urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and misalignments. Postural benefits may alleviate lower back pain associated with uncontrolled pelvic tilt and sciatic pain. 

  • Golf Fitness — During the golf off-season, we joined forces with Helen Kurtin of St. Louis Golf Academy to deliver a completely personalized golf fitness training experience in our Des Peres studio. Read Helen's bio.

    • Class goals:

      • improve mobility

      • improve range of motion in joints

      • increase rotational strength, speed, stability, and stamina (Helen’s “4 Ss”)

    • Each session included a warm-up, golf-specific exercises, and golf swing drills. Each client was given complimentary access to additional exercises and swing drills that they can do at home or at the gym using and the Coach Now app.

  • Instructor Continuing Education — Our trainers are committed to continuing their professional growth so that we can always provide the exceptional services you know us for. We've hosted a special day of workshops with Kaile Larson Ziemba from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.

    • ​Throats That Sing — Today, possibly more than any other time in human existence, the neck is in terrible shape — imbalanced, mis-used, stiff, weak, needing repair. We can fix this! In this workshop we will learn what we need to know as Pilates teachers to restore the neck to its proper orchestration — strong, supple, articulate, a conduit from the brain to the rest of our body. Every Pilates exercise will be enhanced and made more powerful and more productive. Bring your questions and your client examples and expect to be joyfully refreshed. 

    • Integrating Classical and Archival Pilates Exercises — More and more Archival Pilates exercises are circulating through Classical Pilates workouts. They are showing up on social media too. In this workshop we will compare and contrast the exercises we know today with some variations from the 1940's. These Archival exercises vary slightly by choreography, tempo and spring tension. Exploring these differences can promote a deeper understanding of the Classical Pilates Method we know and love. We will discuss helpful ways to blend these exercises into your current practice to achieve whole body health. This is an experiential workshop so come prepared to move

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