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At Pilates & Custom Fitness, we offer something for everyone — all ages and abilities, from the workout novice to the professional athlete. No matter where you find yourself on your wellness journey, our expert trainers support you with proven methodologies, an enthusiasm for fitness, and commitment to your success. 
Our specialties

Pilates (Reformer, Tower, Mat, Chair)  

Physical Fitness

Private Training

Small-Group Classes

Specialty Workshops

Sports Performance Training 

Senior Fitness   

Strength Conditioning   

Balance Training 

Post-Surgery Rehab   

Injury Rehab   

Chronic Pain Management    

Overall Wellness

Pricing and specials


  • 2 private lessons and 2 classes for $145

  • 1 private lesson and 6 classes for $175

  • 3 private lessons for $160

*A savings of about 30% off our regular prices.



Put $300 down & receive a 10% discount each time you attend!


  • 90 minute class - $42

  • 55 minute class - $28

  • 40 minute class - $23

  • 25 minute class - $19


We allow 2 last-minute class cancellations per year without charge. After 2, all cancellations made 24 hours or less before your class time will be charged.

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Our classes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a number of classes online via ZOOM as well as safe in-studio Pilates classes with reduced numbers and social distancing in place (in addition to a full list of protocols and rules). See our online schedule to review current offerings and reserve your spot!

Pilates All Equipment
Pilates All Equipment

A fun, fast-paced class using one or more pieces of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Mat, Tower, and Chair). Props  (e.g. light hand weights, magic circle, therabands) may be used for added resistance and coordination.

Weight Training for EveryBODY
Weight Training for EveryBODY

An exciting combination of personal training, functional fitness, and small-group interaction. You'll get the support you need to stick with your workout and see great results. Your workout will consist of 2-6 people in a customized session to you reach your goals.

Balance & Core Strengthening
Balance & Core Strengthening

This class will focus on balance and core strength using mixed equipment.

Senior Strength Training
Senior Strength Training

Strength training is an important part of healthy aging. Help promote strong bones and a healthy immune system all while counteracting the natural muscle loss and weight gain that occurs as we age. This class will leave you feeling great!

Cardio Reformer
Cardio Reformer

This circuit-style class will utilize the jump board at timed intervals to elevate the heart rate and then classical/ contemporary Reformer exercises for an active recovery. During the timed jumping, props (e.g. light hand weights, magic circle, therabands) will be used for added resistance and coordination. More than just cardio, the jump board incorporates breathwork, balance, coordination, and proprioception.

90-Minute Pilates
90-Minute Pilates

This class is best suited for those wanting to perfect their moves while challenging their stamina. Most classes use more than one piece of Pilates equipment.

Advanced Reformer
Advanced Reformer

A challenging, fast-paced class. Exercises will move quickly and more difficult moves will be introduced.

Pilates & Yoga
Pilates & Yoga

Wake up with 30 minutes of Pilates All Equipment followed by 25 minutes of energizing Vinyasa Flow Yoga for a great start to your day.

Private Instruction
Private Instruction

Our trainers are available Monday-Saturday for private and/or specialized sessions. Call to schedule.

Workshops: Explore and engage at our studio!

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted frequent workshops based on our clients' needs and wants. Led by industry pros, clients got to try new skills and build on existing ones. We plan to revive these workshops once it is safe to gather in numbers again. For now, here's a sampling of what we offered in early 2020. 

During the golf off-season, we joined forces with Helen Kurtin of St. Louis Golf Academy to deliver a completely personalized golf fitness training experience in our Des Peres studio. Read Helen's bio.


Class goals:

  • improve mobility

  • improve range of motion in joints

  • increase rotational strength, speed, stability, and stamina (Helen’s “4 Ss”)

Each session included a warm-up, golf-specific exercises, and golf swing drills. Each client was given complimentary access to additional exercises and swing drills that they can do at home or at the gym using and the Coach Now app.

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Pilates trainer (and pregnant!) Christina Castellano offered a Prenatal Pilates workshop. Because Pilates encourages the participant to focus on breathing, concentration, and core strength, it's a nearly ideal exercise choice for pregnant women.

As pregnancy progresses, the internal environment of the woman’s body changes dramatically and results in the internal organs pressing up toward the chest, which may make breathing more difficult.


Along with the importance of breathing, maintaining proper control of the pelvic floor muscles is fundamental to Pilates. These benefits may be more important during pregnancy, where well-conditioned muscles involved in the birthing process may result in quicker recovery, less medical intervention, and fewer complications with later urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and misalignments.


Postural benefits may alleviate lower back pain associated with uncontrolled pelvic tilt and sciatic pain.